14th April – 9th June 2010 • £50 / £30 (unwaged + student) / £60 (family)

A new 10 week course in Irish traditional fiddle styles taught by rising folk star Emma Sweeney is being launched at Band on The Wall. Suitable for beginners and experienced players alike, we welcome all musicians, young and old.

Beginner (some basic violin/fiddle knowledge required):

This group will learn how to hold, tune and find the notes on a fiddle in an Irish traditional style. Emma will teach simple fiddle tunes which will be both written out and later learned by ear. Students will be taught basic technical skills that are used to give the music its ‘folky’ feel as well as being asked to listen and discuss music from established musicians. At the end of the course every student will have the opportunity to play in front of a live audience on the famous Band on the Wall stage.

Advanced (higher level of existing knowledge required):

Get a feel for fiddle music through learning a selection of Irish traditional tunes in a group setting. Pieces will be taught orally and students will learn the bowing and technical skills which give the music its distinctive folk sound. You will also be encouraged to listen, analyze and discuss recordings by recognised folk musicians and bring some of their stylistic elements into your playing. Towards the final stages of the course, students will get the chance to compose their own fiddle music and to show off some of their new skills at a special concert at Band on the Wall.

Tickets/Info: http://bandonthewall.org/events/2739/

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