One of Manchester’s most exciting new bands ‘Real Dolls’ have released a download-only single called ‘Trophy Girl’. The track is a big, thumping club track and features Afrikan Boy (M.I.A. Collaborator). Here’s what the band have to say;

An anarchic mish-mash of styles, backgrounds and genres, you could spend all day thinking of where they’ve nabbed their sounds from and still be nowhere near to pinning down exactly what The Real Dolls are.  Based around five musical misfits from around Manchester and further afield, The Real Dolls came together after a series of jams and loose collaborations. Founding member Rod Hotly is at the heart of the band¹s action, ably assisted by producer RealDave, DJ Peter Parker (well known from his time in Fingathing), dancer and singer Yoshi and vocalist Zoe Hooker.  Together, they mash up vibrant pop, hip hop, club beats, cartoonish manga visuals and insane amounts of energy to create an infectious whole. They describe themselves as ‘A party band’, and anyone who¹s witnessed their live shows will know what they mean.  Currently putting the finishing touches to singles, mix tapes and albums that will appear later in the year…

“Anti-dance brilliance” – BBC

“Immensely brilliant display of wacky talent….unfeasibly well written” – Manchester Music

“The sound of a city reborn” -NME

“Fast becoming creators of popular dance music” – High Voltage

Download Trophy ft. Afrikan Boy HERE

Listen to the ‘Nelson Mandela Bikini Diet Mixtape’ HERE

Catch the Band live;

Saturday 15th May – FutureEverything Festival, Kro Bar @ 7pm (Manchester)

Thursday 20th May – SoundCity, Liverpool

Sunday 30th May – Eurocultured Festival, Manchester


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