This week I was very kindly invited by Ted over at Cloud Sounds to do a special ‘HearHere / BagThing’ takeover of the show. Cloud Sounds has been running for quite a few years now and is an excellent weekly podcast showcasing new and emerging musical talent from all over the United Kingdom.

So, if you aren’t already a subscriber then head over to the site HERE and have a listen through the archives, after you have listened to my special of course! You can also find Cloud Sounds through the iTunes store. 

These are the tracks that I played;

1) Dr Mahogany’s Got Circus – Laflam Leker

2) Bugs In Ember – The Outlaw

3) Borland – Clockmen (From The Kits Of San Quentin Remix)

4) Alexander Tucker – His Arm Has Grown Long

5) Dutch Uncles – Dressage

6) Maps & Atlases – Solid Ground

7) Glasser – Apply

8) Mount Fabric – Rats on Crack

9) Mwsog – A Fine Old Fair

10) Patterns – Broken Trains

11) Runaround Kids – Falling Into Better Hands

12) 8 Bit Moon – Shoot The Messanger

Length = 60 Mins

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