The Cornerhouse have announced that there will be two showings of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 suspense classic ‘Rear Window’ over the next week. The film stars James Stewart and Grace Kelly and is regularly voted as one of Hitchcock’s best films. This is a rare chance to see it on the big screen. The screenings take place on the following dates;

Sunday 25th November – 12pm

Wednesday 28th November – 1.30pm

Here is the synopsis from the Cornerhouse website;

One of the master’s finest, the story of Hitchcock’s Rear Window is simple: a photographer stranded in his sweltering flat, due to a broken leg, takes to observing the neighbours in the facing windows to alleviate his boredom. When he thinks he’s witnessed a murder, he elicits the aid of his chic girlfriend (played by the ever demure Grace Kelly) and his nosy cleaner. Through brilliant use of images Hitchcock revels in his own fascination with voyeurism – both on screen and in the audience.”

You can buy tickets HERE

Here is the trailer for the film;

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