One of Manchester’s greatest musical events have announced that they are ending their regular nights at the Roadhouse. Underachievers Please Try Harder has been running for the last 5 years and they just released the following statement on their website…

Somewhere in the darkest corner of this fun filled city we wanted to leave a bit of a dent. I guess that in some way or another, that’s what this past five years has been about. Underachievers was never about taking on the world, or being that week’s buzz. It was about creating a community. Uniting people’s music taste. Trying to move things forward. It was about welcoming all kinds of characters and letting them let off steam.

As we got older, we became more aware of the need to stay fresh. Capturing a time and a mood, not trying to recreate an old one. Mixing things up with what we played, yet never wandering too far from who we were. It was driven by picking the right bands, reaching new people, moving venues if needed. We became consumed by all of it, because we loved doing it, and who we got to hang out with in doing so.

But now we’ve had pretty much all the experiences possible of a DIY night, from turning up to see debt collectors had taken half the equipment, to getting Pat Nevin in to do a set. From having nights that you can barely fill a dancefloor, to packing out venues. Underachievers has never been healthier than it is now. It’s gone much further than we ever thought it would. However, I guess there we’ve run out of the challenges that kept us so wrapped up in it all.

There have been signs lately our energy is dwindling. We haven’t got the hours we once had. We’d quite like the chance to do some other things with our weekends off, take a back seat, not be so consumed by it. Rather than fight this and resent it, we’re bottling it all up for some epic final nights. Disappear with a bang. Leave while we all still like it. We’ll be going all out to make our last parties the largest and most sincere of them all. And we’re calling anybody that has ever enjoyed what we do, to help us make this happen!

Underachievers will end in April 2013 after 5 years and 99 clubnights*. There will be two final nights, the 5th Birthday on Sat April 13th, and The Last Ever Underachievers on Friday April 26th. To ensure the people that really want to be there can, these will be the only ever ticketed clubnights. There will be some special guests, and tickets are still only £4. If you are on our mailing list you will receive the ticket links first this week. There are also a further four clubnights in February and March that make for a vintage last lap.

There will be a compilation released via an Underachievers label to celebrate bands that have played it, a one-off fanzine to share the memories, and a short film that aims to be our Last Waltz or Shut Up and Play the Hits, but will probably just be clips of dogs being dicks.

*Obviously we won’t just retire from DIY music. We’ve lived it too much to do just do that. There will still be the odd one-off show. There will perhaps be other things under the Underachievers name, or completely different things not under it. But for the clubnight, this is it kids. There will be no century*.”

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