Review by Rosey Purkiss-McEndoo

As a nervous looking guy walked onto the stage my friend and I both sourced some amusement in the prospect of him singing acapella. Yeah we both had a little giggle at how musically awkward that would be.

More fool us. He only went and bloody started singing acapella, still looking slightly distressed but belting out this amazing voice that pretty much silenced the whole of Deaf. I believe his name is Francis Lung, previously a member of Wu Lyf, he wore an entirely white outfit, and he was utterly brilliant. As his set continued, it was like he was unlocking more of his personality for us; he began to dance like crazy in some songs and even whipped out the ukulele. His music was dark, dancey pop that left all not previously acquainted with his talent thinking ‘who was that weirdo I love him come back on stage.’

So Mr Lung was a breath of fresh air… (Ha Ha) Jokes aside, listen to this guy ASAP I think his album is out soon. Better still go and see him live.

By the time I came back from the loo it seemed the crowd had multiplied by ten, we squeezed in beside some large man’s elbow just in time for Melody’s arrival. Oh my god. At risk of sounding like a very camp, gay man, she just embodies all that is French and fabulous darling. Her voice was incredible; it resonated over the psychedelic soundtrack her band was smashing out behind her. The room was alive with the sound of magical French pop music. And Melody was the fit French fairy leading it all.

There were only brief breaks in the music (just enough time for her to smile and say something sexy and French) which made the whole thing seem like one long lovely kaleidoscopic experience that saw that everybody’s hands were well and truly ‘up in da air’.

Her set was probably one of the best performances I have ever seen. She’s on Spotify, so I urge you to go and listen to her album. It’s really fun and cool and makes you want to swish your hair about and drink red wine.

J’adore Melodys Echo Chamber, c’est tres bon!

Melodys Echo Chamber performed at The Deaf Institute on Monday 4th March 2013. The show was promoted by DHP

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