Review by Rosey Purkiss-McEndoo

The Ruby lounge was packed out. The brilliant suspense of waiting for Adam to trot on stage was only slightly ruined by the couple in front taking 20 high angle camera shots of themselves (with flash). But as soon as he walked on, all hands were in the air clapping and/or frantically reaching forward to touch him. He looked like how I feel Jesus might look if he were Parisian and homeless and a rock star, and Binki is clearly just one of them gals who probably looks gorgeous with her face in a bin. Nevertheless, the whole crowd myself included were going completely ape shit for them both.

It had surprised me a little before the gig noticing the types of people who had come along to see him (from slightly conservative mum and dad type couples to youngsters in skinny jeans) but I guess this plethora of varying and all equally adoring fans just shows how successful Adam actually is. It’s hard not to love him.

And so they started to play from their new album (‘Adam Green & Binki Shapiro’, which is on Spotify and is utterly brilliant) I’ve been listening to it for weeks! I love it, their duets remind me of lazy country and western love songs mixed with 60’s pop and then all the lyrical genius of Adam and Binki combined. The album was brought to life on stage; a collaboration in my eyes equally as gelled as the The Moldy Peaches.

To every avid Adam fan’s delight though, he put down his guitar after singing some with Binki, and pulled out some classics. (‘Friends of Mine’, ‘Dance with Me’, ‘Getting Led’ etc to which the crowd began to sing/shout along joyously) He wound around the stage in an exotic and hilariously clumsy manner, pausing occasionally to stand centre stage with his hands on his hips eyes closed grinning from ear to ear with his hips swaying like a little five year old. He was so funny. It was clear that even his band loved to watch him perform, and they giggled and rolled their eyes as much as we did.

…And then he jumped off the stage. Luckily into the many waiting arms of Manchester. I think we were all hoping for a stage dive, and we definitely got what we wanted. I’m not sure but I think I touched his leg as his leather trousers hovered past me. I’m surprised nobody stole him on his way round the room.

Even after the much anticipated encore, I don’t think anybody was ready for that gig to end. It was insane. The mixture of Adam’s unique and totally mind blowing stage presence, and the music itself – especially the new album for me – left half of the audience still waiting by the stage hoping for more and the other half going home feeling warm and fuzzy and wishing they were Adam’s best friend.

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro played at The Ruby Lounge on Sunday 14th April. 

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