Review by Rebecca Power

Last night saw Brother and Bones’ debut performance in Preston at quaint venue, The Mad Ferret.

The five piece folk-rock band from the south have crashed onto shore with an overwhelming mix of earthy sounds, blues riffs and raw vocals. However playing in one of Preston’s smaller venues, the band did not achieve the crowd they deserved, and it was such a shame to see an incredible band play to so few people. Despite this, having formed in 2009, Brother and Bones have established a hard-knit following that, although small, maintains a strong attendance at live performances.

Contrary to the main piece, the two support acts were low key, solo performers who exceled their talents through the use of guitar and vocals. The first, Bill Orrick, used the simplicity of a bass guitar combined with his powerful bluesy voice to entice the audience, even daring to do covers of renowned artists David Bowie and Nick Drake. The second act was Matt Gallagher, a current member of Victorian Dad Band, who graced our presence with quite the opposite performance to the latter. His rustic voice entwined with the skill of swelling on an electric guitar created an enraptured atmosphere that managed to linger until it was time for Brother and Bones.

Despite being in a small venue, playing to an even smaller audience, the band delivered a colossal performance exploding into their first songs, ‘Burn’ and ‘Just Another Man‘, with heavy drum beats and huge guitar riffs. Addressing the crowd, Rich explains this is the first time they have performed at Preston, evidently gesturing to the lack of bodies in the room. I empathise with them as does someone else who shouts out an apology, which the band laughs off. But it is a crying shame that their music has not reached the ears of more people, as their live performances are such a rare, unique experience with the collaboration of Rich’s untouched vocals alongside electric guitars, bongo drums and percussion instruments.

The tempo is suddenly dropped as it’s time for Gold and Silver, a solo performance by lead man Rich. A fine opportunity to just stand and project that extraordinary voice with just his bass for company, the raw emotion evident in every line he sings.

Launching from song to song, the band create an almost animalistic vibe by the deliverance of such an immense show, especially with the use of their well-known songs, Back to Shore and Hold Me Like The Sun.

Ending with Revolution, the band apologise for not being their ‘usual sweaty, beer pouring over ourselves, but it just wasn’t that kind of night’. Which is a shame, as the audience is half of the atmosphere but despite this the band still gave an incredible performance, not hard with their raw ability to create such real, untouched and truly great music.

Brothers & Bones performed at Mad Ferret on Sunday 28th April 2013. 

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