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If I have to designate this week under a certain umbrella group, then it is as a week to revisit those artists and bands whose records you may have left on the shelf of late in favour of newer buzz bands. Here is an opportunity to dip into the musical archives while many a hip young upstart prepares for the festival season.

There is a fine pair of examples straight away on Monday 16th with a couple of indie rock reliables. Mark ‘E’ Everett aka Eels returns to Bridgewater Hall, while over at Deaf Institute you’ll find the former Orange Juice singer Edwyn Collins.

Smooth jazz keyboardist Amp Fiddler’s show at Band On The Wall may be the best option for Tuesday 17th. The American has worked with George Clinton, among others, so funky grooves are a given. Or, bucking the week’s trend, Leeds post-rock instrumentalists Nope have been beckoned across the Pennines to perform at Gullivers.

Wednesday 18th sees a pair of shows both featuring musicians better known for other past projects. At the Night & Day Café, alt country rockers Richmond Fontaine are represented via their lead singer Willy Vlautin and drummer Sean Oldham in their more recent project, The Delines. Elsewhere, former QOTSA bassist, t-shirt loather and floorboard shaker Nick Oliveri turns his coordinates to ‘solo project’ for the benefit of a Deaf Institute audience.

Talking of side projects, another one to branch away from his more famous pseudonym is Alexis Taylor, of Hot Chip, whose solo adventure sees him call in at Band On The Wall on Thursday 19th. From Hot Chip to hip hop, Jurassic 5 won’t be far away that night. Chali 2na and the others will be entertaining an Academy 1 crowd.

Casting our gaze back to the new, London trio Happyness return to the North West following a successful slot at Sounds From The Other City not long ago. That time they played their US indie-influenced numbers in a brewery, this time at a pub, namely The Castle Hotel on Friday 20th.

Later that night, it’s cheese time again. The Ultimate Power tune selectors will be slicing through The Ritz crowd with perm-addled ballads aplenty.

Cruising through to the weekend and the summer solstice of Saturday 21st, there’s the 23rd instalment of the new bands showcase that is Carefully Planned, including the alt indie ensemble Hot Shorts.

Closing the week with a wild card for this blog, the latest Chorlton Bazaar is due to take place through the day of Sunday 22nd with a record fair, food stalls and crafts market. On the ones and twos they’re promising the eclectic selections of Hoya Hoya’s Jon K.

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