Words by Ian Pennington

While the glitzy thespians carry away their little golden statuettes, we’re about to embark on a game of musical statues. The music’s playing, so get ready for a week of grooves.

Depending on your weekend, there are two ways you can start the next seven days of events. 1) Feeling energetic? Then stroll up to Soup Kitchen where Jape will whisk you into a merry electro pop jive.

Or, 2) The music’s off so the statues are still – curl up in reminiscent stupor in front of Last Shop Standing, the documentary diving into the diminishing sea of record shops in the UK. That’s the latest of Band on the Wall’s Film Club series.

There’s no two ways about it on Tuesday 24th – it’s uptempo or uptempo. The pair we’ve picked for your eyeline are off-kilter Welsh rockers H Hawkline, supported by Douga and Irma Vep at Gullivers, and Death From Above 1979 at The Ritz.

This year’s Future Everything festival looks suitably well-stocked with forward-thinking aural explorers. Wednesday 25th is its launch day and leading the way at RNCM is a collaborative performance featuring electronic ambienteer Koreless and the Warehouse Project visualise, Emanuel Biard.

Perennial crescendo surfers Jungle continue to ride their synth-soul tidal wave at the majestic Albert Hall venue on Thursday 26th. If this is the first you’ve heard then I’m afraid you’ll have to play by the whims of returns or touts, but there’s always the continuing Future Everything options, which see ambient composer Ólafur Arnalds revisit RNCM for the first time in 18 months, or Warp Records’ Lonelady at Soup Kitchen, performing her lo-fi analogue brand of post-punk.

Friday 27th’s PINS gig at Eagle Inn has been sold out for some time, so instead you could save yourself for a late one at Sankeys, where Lone is the headlining attraction.

For those of you who’re politically minded (or just fans of Billy Bragg in general), the Music Beats Austerity show at Academy 2 on Saturday 28th is where you’ll find your staple of protest songs for the week. The show follows on from People’s Question Time during the day and proceeds will support the ongoing campaigns of the People’s Assembly. Local jazz and blues band Honeyfeet are also on the bill.

Not convinced by the political power of music? Head to Gullivers instead. Sonic Cathedral shoegazers Spectres will stick to empowerment through screaming guitars and stoic beats.

With Spectres’ sound still ringing in your ears, there’s more from the genre on Sunday 1st March. Hookworms at Sound Control will be the catch of the day.

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