Words by Abby Kearney

Finland’s ‘greatest kraut-rock band’ Siinai come to Soup Kitchen on 8th May. ‘Olympic Games,’ their highly acclaimed, magisterial debut EP was herculean in scope, taking listeners on a rousing, sonic journey through toil and triumph.

On their new release, concept album ‘Supermarket’, they turn to the mundane; aiming, essentially, to recreate the peculiar ambience of a night in ASDA. ‘Supermarket’ is intricate and pulsing, rhythmic and hypnotic. Using droning, monotonous beats alongside till bleeps and cashier shouts, Siinai transforms the banal into the sublime.

Book now for what will, undoubtedly, be the most, or only, enjoyable supermarket related experience of your life.

Siinai will perform at Soup Kitchen on Friday 18th May. Tickets are available HERE

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