Words by Ian Pennington

Some food for thought this week is the non-news that famous rock stars are putting down their axes and instead chopping vegetables at their own restaurants. You won’t fool the children of the revolution, though.

Speaking of children, that’s one theme familiar to ‘Knocked Up’ by Angaleena Presley, who isn’t part of the Elvis bloodline, but is imparting her words of contraceptive warning at Night & Day Café tonight, Monday 27th.

Some sonic travellers not yet going down the restauranteering path are Cosmonauts, who’re too busy exploring sonic distortion at Castle Hotel on Tuesday 28th to care about human trivialities like nourishment.

Round the corner at Soup Kitchen, tuck into a variation of that sonic invention, courtesy of Micachu and the Shapes, whose avant-electronica combines spices you won’t find in a Jamie Oliver cookbook.

Upbeat punctual types The Earlies reunited last weekend at Cloudspotting Festival and continue their brief summer outing at Band on the Wall on Wednesday 29th.

Despite a fairly quiet week, Friday 31st sees the month out with a flock of shows. The relative oldies of Badly Drawn Boy and The Dandy Warhols tame crowds at the Bridgewater Hall and The Ritz, respectively, while elsewhere in the city it’s a beginning of the 20th edition of Manchester Jazz Festival, for which the Festival Square will be resurrected as the world’s finest time signature travellers come to town.

On Friday, the Albert Square MJF freebie is New York Brass Band, who’re due on stage for two half-hour sets at 5.30pm and 6.30pm.

A cinematic alternative that night is the Manchester Film Co-op’s screening of Bicycle, whose theme isn’t disguised by its title. That’ll take place at the Yard Theatre in Hulme.

August beckons on Saturday 1st, and one Jazz Festival tip is the local singer Charlie Cooper, who’ll be playing all night at Matt & Phreds.

Out of town, there’s an all-day buffet at the third annual Box Social event. Bad Uncle and Grey Lantern have teamed up once more to lay on an eclectic spread, from Happy Meals to Gut Model.

Fitting in at the Sunday 2nd bookend of the week is the US punk rabble The Misfits, plugging in to devour the Club Academy sound space.

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