Straight Outta Compton

Words by Ian Pennington

This week’s tenuous intro comes in the form of a scaremongering article about checking your mobile phone, which can apparently lead to ‘cognitive failure’. So make sure you’re reading this gig listings preview blog on your computer screen, folks. That way you’ll only have to worry about getting square eyes.

Mondays are turning into a desolate sea of nothingness this month, so the week instead begins on Tuesday 18th with Efterklang’s Peter Broderick in solo guise at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation.

Next up is a cross-arts melting pot at the Bunker venue, near Strangeways. Under the banner of In Light of Sound, Slowdancers and Confingo Publishing have curated a programme tying together visual art, dance performance, film, music and spoken word. Leading the way sonically are the abstract tones of Chicaloyoh, The Swamps and Tooms. Chin strokers unite on Wednesday 19th.

Leaving aside high-concept sound art, Thursday 20th signals the arrival of angst-peddling 90s indie-rockers Joan of Arc, burning on the pyre of the Deaf Institute.

Sometimes a good old pop song is the best antidote. Nahko and Medicine for the People pledge that panacea via acoustic-addled elixirs of rhythm. Band on the Wall houses the cure from the chaos on Friday 21st.

If you remedy lies instead with blaring out ballads, then look no further than The Ritz’s latest Ultimate Power night. The best night of your life later on the 21st, if you believe the hype.

The Nepalese earthquake may have long since left our screens and its rotation on the 24-hour news channels, but it hasn’t left the mind of Tesla Coils’ David Harris, who’s put together a charity show at the Castle Hotel on Saturday 22nd, with proceeds going to their Nepal Appeal. Hot Vestry headline and you can donate to the cause here.

Settle down for the day at Night & Day Café on Sunday 23rd. Ralphstock serves up a banquet of 11 bands in 11 hours, so drop in to catch anyone from Duke & The Darlings to Sixty Minute Man.

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