Words by Ian Pennington

It won’t surprise you to hear that Paris is front and centre of all respectable (and some unrespectable) news outlets once more. This time they’re playing host to the world’s leaders who’ll be nattering about climate change over a cup of tea with Adele’s Best Of on in the background. While she and they belt out a load of hot air and empty promises, we’ll press on with highlighting the finest sound polluters due in Manchester this week.

With a mandate from the intro paragraph which gives me licence to intertwine environmentally themed wordplay, Akala’s return to the city seems an apt place to begin. The loquacious Londoner with a CV as crammed with campaigns as it is entertainment performs at Gorilla on Monday 30th.

If Polar Bears are a good ice breaker then their drummer Seb Rochford may find himself swimming in its melted remains, but he’ll do so with one of his bands of merry songsmiths on Tuesday 1st December at Band on the Wall. Sons of Kemet is the jazzy jive gang this time, featuring the sax machine Shabaka Hutchings.

The Toast of London, Matt Berry steps out from his dark place on Wednesday 2nd. No, not because he’s now leaving lights on and overusing electricity, but instead he’s touring with his Maypoles and calling in at Club Academy.

Islington Mill’s Peaches show sold out sooner than tickets for Noah’s Ark on a drizzly day in the Bible Belt, but there’s a juicy slice of culture across the Irwell at Soup Kitchen, where Nous magazine are launching their As We Are Away festival with an exhibition. Check the link for more where that came from, running Thursday 3rd till Thursday 10th.

A veteran of raising awareness about climate justice issues having curated the No More Lullabies concert back in 2009, Norwegian skew-pop songwriter Ane Brun heads to Gorilla on Friday 4th to show off her latest repertoire.

She’s competing for airspace with local favourite band leader and part-time disc jockey Guy Garvey, whose Albert Hall spectacle with be fuelled less by petrol than pure elbow grease.

If you think Garvey might deliver a covers set of his own material, then Saturday 5th is the night of the living tribute acts by comparison, with Oasis, Led Zep, Foo Fighters and Joy Division all aped within this city’s walls. In the case of the latter, I’m referring to New Order (guffaw) at the Warehouse Project, but back in the land of the original pop song, you can join hands in lifelong matrimony with early 90s indie slacker throwbacks Wedding at the Eagle Inn, before sealing the deal with the unholiest of Sex Swing romps at Soup Kitchen. Be sure to wear protection though; they’re noisier than a fracking drill and we can’t have you contributing to overpopulating the planet.

Those of you keen to burn the midnight oil reserves for one more day might be pleased to hear there are still tickets available for DJango Django’s django at Albert Hall on Sunday 6th.

Lights out.

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