Super Freak

Words by Ian Pennington

Like a tribute act to the shockwaves sent through Malaga and Alaska over the past few hours, we’re back again to document the sonic tremors due to be sent through the rafters of Manchester’s cultural venues over the next seven days, bringing any dry Jan resolutions to a close.

RNCM has been hosting its New Music North West Festival since Friday 22nd, and seismologists expect their varied blend from contemporary classical to electronic opera to continue through to Friday 29th, with 100 composers breaking new ground across 30 events.

Tonight sees Daniel Knox knock knocking on the Castle Hotel’s doors with his lung-busting Illinoise.

Onto Wednesday 27th at a special Night & Day Café collab with Indie Venue Week, life’s a Horsebeach for the laconic Manchester quartet.

All the plates are shifting into gear at once on Thursday 28th. One three-piece stepping up to the mantle is The Drink, whose dark-folk stories are akin to necking a strong porter.

Incidentally, much the same will be happening at Port Street Beer House on their 5th birthday. Their piss up in a champion of specialist breweries goes on all week, but Thursday marks the launch of five new collab beers in one night, teaming with the top of the hops in the micro-brewing world.

Alternatively, let your hair down and stride the shape shifting floorboards at Joshua Brooks after hours with your fellow Super Freaks. Expect Motown to disco and dance like the pageant scene in Little Miss Sunshine.

The wildcard of the week award goes to Test Card at Texture on Friday 29th, a get-together for budding AV practitioners who fancy jamming with their fellow avant-cinematics.

If CGI captures your imagination and you’d like to make the earth move in a virtual reality format, then SSR’s Computer Games courses could be for you. They have an open day from 11am to 2pm on Saturday 30th; a chance to tour the studios, experience live demonstrations by their teachers and experts, and ask any burning questions about their wide range of technical disciplines from sound engineering to games design.

That night sees familiar faces showing no cracks in their repertoire – Absolute Shite bring self-deprecating cheesy pop panoramas to Ruby Lounge, Soup Kitchen regulars You Dig? slam dunk the funk and the crate digging rarity spinners at Heads Up nod to their 3rd Birthday by inviting Flyin’ Easy Soul Club to Whiskey Jar.

Last one for Saturday: 80s pop connoisseurs Scary Monsters have lined up an homage to the recently departed Bowie at Pub/Zoo, so wrack your brains for the best requests.

Sporting a tale or two about tectonic drama, The Cadillac Three drawl the lines between country-fried cruise control and southern rawk at Academy 2 on Sunday 31st.

As a final word for this week, a quick heads up for a recently announced show at Academy 3 – it’s the return of the original pop-punk sk8r bois, Snuff.

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