Gilles Peterson

Today, our irrelevant story of note is the decision to green light embryonic modification. The gene genies who’ve been perfecting their human design tweaks might drop their pipettes and microscopes and instead play the unborn some of this week’s live shows across Manchester, getting the children of tomorrow bopping in utero.

Tonight, Monday 1st February, the perennially angst-ridden emos Coheed & Cambria rock out at the Ritz. If you’d like your sprog to be a teenager forever, take the little foetus along. Albeit this is their 21st year now, so you’d think they’d have grown out of it.

Carrying through to Wednesday 3rd, De Montevert’s woozy dreamscapes are just the tonic to produce a mellow child, introspective and pensive within the walls of Gullivers.

The subsequent club night at Soup Kitchen, Howling Rhythm, is one for the baby boomer copycat generation, sporting a playlist from Aretha to Little Richard.

Back to the laconic littl’uns, Jay Prince’s laidback brand of hip hop backed by jazzy cuts calls into Deaf Institute on Thursday 4th.

Across town in the Northern Quarter, Band on the Wall hosts a similarly placid pop picker in the meandering grooves of Youth Lagoon.

Friday 5th is crammed with all those critters who’re stretching their well-rested limbs after a January hibernation, much like a nascent young’un hearing its first sounds. Soup Kitchen hosts the return of Welsh pop poppet Sweet Baboo; Californian dreamer Dan Layus aka Augustana climbs onto the stage at Deaf Institute; throbbing space rockers Throw Down Bones top an Astral Elevator bill at Gullivers; and Gorilla welcomes the small town cultured folkies Villagers.

Elsewhere, Ruby Lounge ascends to Hard Rock Heaven where its roster of posturing tribute acts soundtrack the pearly gates.

Produce the class clown by taking their unwitting embryo down to Johnny Vegas’s comic shift at Gorilla regular comedy jive, Group Therapy, on Saturday 6th.

Topping a cluster of club nights that night is the Banana Hill presentation at Hidden, featuring wax connoisseur and radio bigwig Gilles Peterson.

Coming to the end of this week’s gestation period, the former Hüsker Dü and Sugar riffmeister general, Bob Mould, is touting the fuzzy tones of his upcoming album, Patch The Sky, at Academy 2 on Sunday 7th.

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