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Manchester has more than its fair share of hip young bands pushing for attention at the moment and Wedding are one of those who’ve been pulsing vibrantly on our SONAR since drifting onto our shores from Berlin. They’ve been making waves with a surf pop 90s indie feel, led by the tropically laconic earworm, ‘Ruth’. We seized our opportunity for a quick word with Thomas Craig from the city’s most unGoogleable band since Money.

How did you begin your musical path?

We began at the start of 2015. I was living in Berlin and writing music again after a while out, I put an ad up on Craigslist there and Zachary (Taube, keys, guitar) sent me a long, funny reply. We met in a bar in Neukölln and just had the same ideas about things. We recorded an EP as a duo, sorta figuring out this sound as we went along. Got spotted by RIP Records in London and released it. The band is now based in Manchester, with a larger band consisting of Rory Cook, Rich James, Joey Frances and An-Tim Nguyen.

What’s your favourite moment with Wedding so far?

We recently supported Jeffrey Lewis’ sold out Manchester gig at Deaf Institute. That was cool.

Have you ever operated as a function band? If you were to do this, which covers would you play?

Our covers band is called Carl and the Passions. We play exclusively the Beach Boys songs that weren’t written by Brian Wilson, including a 15-minute rendition of ‘All This Is That’ with 10-part harmonies.

Wedding UK tour Feb 2016

Who among your peers are you listening to at the moment?

I’m digging Whitney a lot, the thing from Smith Westerns’ guitarist. Its classic, smooth. Also digging Blaenavon, Trudy and HOLY from Sweden.

You have a new video due soon. What can we expect from that?

The video was shot in Berlin by Nehemias Colindres, a director friend I met there. He did an iconic series called Berlin, Berlin which captures a very nice vibe of the city. Our video, however, is dark and dingy. We filmed it over a couple of nights in bars and weird spots in the streets. It captures a feeling of confusion, exploration and comfort in the sad that I think is pretty unique to artist Berliners finding their way. The song is nice too.


Wedding play at Eagle Inn on Thursday 25th as part of a mini tour of the UK.

Top photo by Sophia Larigakis.

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