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Manchester-based three-piece Déjà Vega, whose line-up comprises of Jack Fearon (guitar/vocals), Mike Newton (bass) and Tom Webster (drums), recently caught people’s attention when they played at Night & Day Cafe. They’ve since grown in confidence with a bit of swagger thrown in. Arrogance is thankful absent.

It’s the type of set that grows and builds, rather than being a series of discrete numbers. The end of a song, sometimes, deliberately bleeds feedback into the next, with the people dancing away at the front seemingly blissfully indulgent of it.

Deja Vega Ged Camera

It’s the last performance of the tour for Colour of Spring and apparently they are looking forward to not having to sleep with each other or share the back of the same van. That’s not a very hearty recommendation of the rock’n’roll lifestyle, but perhaps there’s a glimpse from this performance that they’re going places – and maybe sometime in the near future they may at least be afforded more comfortable tour transportation with flushable toilet facilities.

There’s no sign of tiredness in their set, although there is a bit of a delay as they try to coax their expansive array of pedals into life. With everything functioning and correct the four-piece delivered a performance that was in part tightly honed through regular gigs and partially lifted by an end-of-tour exuberance and adrenaline.

CoS Ged Camera

Subtlety may not always be on their agenda, as they crush through numbers with a juggernaut-like intensity, formed around the bass of Tom Gregory, who stands centre-stage, and the drums of Bryce Gibson. Around this axis, the disassociated vocals of Shane Hunter float disconnectedly over the deliberately manipulated output from the guitars, with the vibrations ultimately flowering into a blissful cacophony that provides a backdrop for more moving and shaking from the audience.

CoS2 Ged Camera

Colour of Spring and Déjà Vega played at the Castle Hotel, Oldham Street on Saturday 20th February, 2016.

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  1. Dan

    Was a great gig!! The first band that played were killer too. Grave diggers union. Top night !


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