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Few romantic indie groups have lasted with quite the longevity of The Crookes. Seeing them live, you can see why – tour after tour, they deliver on stage, with an ever-solid and exciting performance.

Crookes 2 Wes Foster

The tracks speak for themselves, but on top of that George Waite’s lusty locks and energetic vibrancy endear an audience unable to look away. He constantly interacts. The show is a show – there are no half measures in the understanding that performance is key to the music, so Crookes’ shows feel somewhat more special.

Crookes 3 Wes Foster

I’ll confess, I haven’t had a proper listen to the new album, but am a longtime supporter of the band thanks to writing that crosses into the bounds of poetry whilst staying down to earth. This balance is a hard thing to come by and, as ever, they have continued it, alongside more impressively written tracks.

Crookes 4 Wes Foster

It’s fair to say the new tracks are more pop orientated, with punchier guitar and the inclusion of a synth – they’ve held onto everything they once had whilst adding to it. It doesn’t feel like it was ever missing, but the tracks definitely benefit from the extra element.

Crookes 5 Wes Foster

They’re still as sure as they always were live, and have carved themselves a nice spot in music as one of the few pop bands that haven’t changed what they’re doing to hit the big time.

Crookes 6 Wes Foster

The show took place at Sound Control on Saturday 20th February, 2016.

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