Our weekly heads-up saunters in a day later than usual, thanks to those pesky banks and their holidays. Speaking of heads up, this week’s dubious breaking news is of a proposed New Jersey law to prevent people losing their heads in their phones. The northeastern state has apparently overlooked Antwerp’s texting lanes, instead colliding head-first with prohibition. Back on the topic of Manchester’s events this week, all this texting chat begs a question: phone usage at gigs tends to divide opinion – might texting or videoing areas help to separate the gig watchers from the phone watchers?

Tonight, Tuesday 29th, there’s only one lane at Deaf Institute – that of lo-fi indie rock, provided by Nai Harvest.

This year’s FutureEverything Festival is a hub of all technological advancements before you’ve even imagined them. Hopefully they’ve already got a solution to gig-obscuring phone videos in the pipeline, although there’s no way you’ll want to take your eyes off most of their events anyway. Starting Wednesday 30th with a launch party at Texture in collab with the forward-thinkers at Test Card, the festival continues through to Saturday 2nd April, including a Central Library-based exhibition of field recordings taken along the Oxford Road Corridor.

On Thursday 31st, Gazelle Twin’s Kingdom Come plots a path through Manchester Art Gallery. Expect a dystopian earworm between your lobes.

Outside of the FE16 walls, The Ritz is offering a burst of altogether less complex electronic music courtesy of the big beat duo Sigma.

You’d be a fool to be tuned into your phone on Friday 1st April, with three picks on offer. Dial the digits for The Castle Hotel and Eliza Shaddad‘s melodic yet ruffled folk rock, find the frequency of Electro Haus at Barpop’s Basement Sessions in the Rave Cave with DJ Jane Dalton, or set coordinates to Islington Mill for FutureEverything’s now annual Friday night party, featuring Nidia Minaj, Nkisi and Errorsmith on the ones and twos.

Into the weekend, The Besnard Lakes are in full view at Deaf Institute on Saturday 2nd, keeping a steady pace in the middle lane of folk rock.

On the jazzy ticket, local loungers Gypsies of Bohemia charm an audience at Ruby Lounge on the same evening, while FE16 concludes with a Northern Electronic Showcase in the dingy confines of Soup Kitchen’s basement. Expect to be sonically satisfied by the aural adventures of Abdulla Rashim.

Sunday 3rd sees the timeless pop rockers Weezer touring their new White Album at Academy 1. Soon they’ll have enough differently coloured albums to open their own paint shop.

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