Words & Photo by Emma Nay

There are arguably few venues in Manchester that match the intimate atmosphere of The Deaf Institute. As well as its small size, the vintage wallpaper and heavy curtains further add to the homey ambiance. Therefore, The Tapestry’s dedicated fans mingled perfectly within the petite venue and created a genial mood in the buildup to the main act.

Taking the stage an hour later than expected due to a cancellation, The Tapestry were supported by the eccentric yet talented Cabbage, whose jarring, invigorating performance got everyone jumping before the much-anticipated main act.

I’ve seen the Tapestry before when they were supporting The Enemy in November. Although they gave a polished and fun performance, their rhythmic sound was quite wasted on a sullen and unreceptive crowd. This show was a completely different story. Audience members animated each other into dance and head nodding was practically mandatory. It’s undeniable that The Tapestry’s music translates perfectly to live performances due to their catchy lyrics and melodious guitar riffs.

One of the things that really made the night great was the genuine nature of the fans. In contrast to the supporters of most mainstream bands, the crowd refrained from living out the evening through their phone screen and instead truly engaged in their music. In turn, the band connected with their patrons and even spoke directly to crowd members at some points in the evening. The various cameramen and music journalists that were milling about implied the success that may be just around the corner for the four-piece band.

The best way The Tapestry could promote their new single, ‘We Talk’, is through their stunning live performances, as gig after gig they accumulate even more dedicated fans.

The Tapestry played at Deaf Institute on Thursday 24 March, 2016.

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