In a particularly high-brow move, we’re introducing our latest weekly Manchester music and events preview by wading into the latest barely beliebable fashion faux pas by pop music’s second-favourite Justin. Are his dreadlocks bundles of cultural appropriation or is the mere idea of cultural appropriation a construct to divide and conquer social groups? In light of yesterday’s T20 cricket final, is a Dreadlock Holiday in order? Our tips below are sure to be more culturally relevant, so dip in.

One band not woolly round the ears is The Sheepdogs, whose shiny coats and blues Americana will be the star attraction at Night & Day Cafe tonight, Monday 4th.

Akua Naru‘s dreadlocks couldn’t be deemed culturally appropriated, but we’d sooner focus on her politically incisive lyrical poetry in any case. Her return to Band on the Wall after a successful show last year will take place on Tuesday 5th.

Elsewhere that night, Teleman will be appropriating the cultural milieu of straight-laced indie pop, hi-jacking carefully coiffed melodies for their Gorilla show.

An act walking a stylistic tightrope are the conformist synth pop Brooklynites, Lucius, whose central frontwomen are to supply the synchornised vocal gymnastics for a display at Gorilla on Wednesday 6th.

The Castle Hotel’s guests of honour on the same evening are Aldous Harding, the product of emotively intoning Kiwi Hanna Harding’s yearning singing.

Lo-fi indie cuts from US Girls will feature at Deaf Institute on Thursday 7th. And their ‘Sororal Feelings’ video appropriately screens hair cropping.

Another ambi-cultural close shave takes place at the calm hands of Sham Bodie at Soup Kitchen the same night. Their variety show this time welcomes sketch shows by Sam & Tom, stand-up comedy from Alastair Clark, raconteuring from Peter Fleming and psychedelic music from Hey Bulldog.

If you’re wondering what else to do on Thursday, head to The Wonder Inn for Cinematic guitar stroker Stuart McCallum‘s headlining jive.

Soulful 45s adorn the musical air at Fallow Cafe on Friday 8th for Flipside‘s regular bar sessions. Expect tracks like the one below.

This guided tour of Burgessian Manchester from midday on Saturday 9th will be less easy to soundtrack, although you can expect the aurora of city centre buzz as you’re led round the locations relevant to the author.

Back on the music front, Sunday 10th sees The KVB at Soup Kitchen, saturating the Northern Quarter venue with minimalist shoegazing electronica.


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