Words by Emma Nay

The Factory showcases a lot of new talent on Friday nights, in fitting with their Madchester heritage. The first few bands of the evening were soft indie four-pieces. Despite their polished sounds they were, unfortunately, quite forgettable and received little response from the crowd. All of which means Aiden’s set became the turning point of the evening, even before the show bursts of chanting and cheering started breaking out.

Aiden Holt was a founding member of the two-piece acoustic band Double Fret, and has now branched out to perform as a solo artist, retaining a similar musical style but with significantly more confidence and creativity.

During the set, he played an eclectic mix of covers that provoked singing and clapping in the audience all the way through. One of the highlights was an inspired mash-up of Jamie T’s ‘If You Got The Money’ and Bob Marley’s ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’. It’s clear Aiden’s primary talent is his guitar playing as each cover had its own unique twist – especially when he played songs that originally had a heavily produced, electronic sound, like MGMT’s ‘Kids’.

As Aiden began to walk off the stage, the crowd demanded an encore, and here came the peripeteia of the set. He played one original song that was both crowd-pleasing and true to his own style. Once again, his guitar playing was his main triumph, but accompanied with soulful and relatable lyrics. He then stepped offstage into a sea of applause and screams. Keep an eye out for Aiden Holt playing at Blossoms in September – it’s sure to be an unmissable gig.

The gig took place on Friday 22 April, 2016, at FAC251.

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