Review // Dan Sartain @ Night & Day Cafe

Words and photos by Wes Foster

Opening the night was Gorgeous Bully, a band whose soft, alternative sound is turned into a heavier prospect for their live sets, though still has the same intelligent writing underneath it.

Bones Shake then came on with their raw power to perform a well-worked set, integrating the odd Mark E Smith-esque “Oh, Lordddd” between songs. They’re hard to take your eyes off, especially because of the lead singer’s more than enigmatic stage presence.

Sartain is the kind of musician you think you know relatively well, but then performs a set of mostly unknown tracks (at least to me, anyway). There’s no better medium than seeing him live to appreciate just how much he’s created. I first got into him, as probably did many others, through his 2014 punk-rock paean, Dudesblood – an album he was toying with bringing out under a pseudonym due to how different it was to his other output, primarily evoking country and rockabilly.

Describing it at one point as a set of his bests (without anything from the newest album, Century Plaza) from over the years, it works really well, creating a show which for the entirety is brilliant. Some bands, even if you know the tracks, can leave you a little bored, but with Sartain, you never want it to end.

Dan Sartain played at Night & Day Café on Thursday 28 April, 2016. The gig was promoted by DHP.

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