The timekeepers among you may have spotted the tardiness of this week’s blog. We can only blame this on the obligatory SFTOC festival hangover, which incidentally was another cracking day out in Salford – keep ’em peeled for our review this week. Fittingly for the bleary-eyed, there are various ways to shake off the ill effects of the days after the night before – in our case, it’s by getting right back on it and filling your ears with more of Greater Manchester’s finest events.

Tuesday 3rd sees a classic coin toss scenario. Do you opt for Andrew Bird‘s dulcet alt-folk harmonies at the Cathedral to be gentle with your body, or the thrash-it-out, hair of the dog approach courtesy of Pelican at Gorilla – both shows apparently catering for animal instincts.

By Wednesday 4th, hopefully your senses will have cleared and sharpened enough for a couple of ponderous events with a socio-anthropological angle. If that’s music to your ears then take and whiff of the opinions flying around at HOME, for a screening of Queens of Syria followed by Q&A discussion, or University Place, for Dr Julia Welland’s lecture on the gender politics of violence, masculinity and conflict.

Thursday 5th beckons in some heady head nods, so we’re glancing towards folk and blues to get feet tapping ahead of the weekend. Phil Cook’s Guitar Heels are on the country-fried side of the fence, while the funky jazzy bluesy Moulettes in a field of their own.

Wu Lyf may have bellowed for the final time as long ago as 2012 (time flies, hey), but their former howler-in-chief, Ellery Roberts, is barking up another tree with LUH (Lost Under Heaven), a duo gestated with Ebony Hoorn in Amsterdam. Their Manchester date is on Friday 6th at Deaf Institute. And stick around in the premises for the latest instalment of You Dig?, the funky disco-y soul-y jive.

Squarepusher’s live show is another late one for the Friday night star gazers. Wearing a Shobaleader One guise, Gorilla hosts his daft funk jams.

Fresh as a daisy on Saturday 7th, we’re pointing to Soup Kitchen, where the electronic jazz crossover project that is the Vessel and Immix Ensemble will be taking root, supported by worriedaboutsatan.

Skaters are on the hunt for fertile boarding ground, and they’ve found some at Night & Day Cafe on Sunday 8th. Expect lyrical half-pipes, kick-flips and ollies tucked in with their melodic indie pop nuggets.

Sunday is also a day when you may’ve never felt more like singing the blues. If that’s the case, then wallow in the musical dexterity of The Victor Brow Blues Train at Ruby Lounge.

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