It was David Attenborough’s 90th on Sunday 8th, an indirect purveyor of music in its most natural form through birdsong, grasshopper choruses and uninhibited mating cries. If you unplug those earphones and listen to the grassroots of your sounds, you might see similarities with the human animals plying their musical talents on the pedestal of our times. Can the musicians playing in Manchester this week learn anything from the natural world? Read on the find out…

Not shy of a rhythmic howl through speakers, Camp Stag kick off our week at Gullivers on Monday 9th.

Never strangers in their own terrain, Tourist take a trip to Deaf Institute on Tuesday 10th. Their ambient klaxons purr with delight, in contrast with the rap-legend verbal predator Ghostface Killah‘s lyrical spits at FAC251 the same night.

Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin are by now nested into the Manchester environs, having previously peddled the screeching guitars of their horror soundtrack-based prog rock. This latest visit illuminates the tremors and trembles of Dawn of the Dead at Gorilla on Wednesday 11th.

Thursday 12th beckons in Manchester After Hours, a synchronised series of unique events across the city on one evening each year – much of it with no entry fee. So roam Manchester’s streets in hunt of your favoured cultural buzz, from a folk-scored steam train tour of MOSI to AV sound artistry at the People’s History Museum, via warbling wordplay at the Jewish Museum.

Of the non-MAH shows that night, lo-fi indie rock is well represented. Chastity Belt and Quilt are due to roar through their repertoires at Night & Day Cafe and Soup Kitchen, respectively.

There’s a veritable gaggle of options chirping up on Friday 13th. From the Kites of San Quentin‘s mellow electronic bellows have been in hibernation for a little while, but their grand reawakening will be stirred at the Bunker. Down at Fallowfield’s Fallow Cafe, the knives are out for She Makes War, whose weapon of choice is a flurry of cooing lilts. Emma Pollock‘s solo shows signal a similar pop rock sensibility – all gentle hums emanating from Soup Kitchen. A final live offering for Friday is Cale Tyson‘s pastoral bleating at Gullivers.

For the Friday night owls, it’s hard to look beyond a Deaf Institute set for Awesome Tapes From Africa. With likembes lolloping, it’ll be a hoot.

Two Saturday shows for the early birds: The Burning Hell‘s Matinee addition ahead of their sold out evening jive at Salford’s Eagle Inn, and Night & Day Cafe’s annual Psych Fest all-dayer sees Clinic leading the caws.

Night time Saturday gig starts see a flock of options in the form of Yak‘s grungy grunts, Dancers herding to Soup for Zaltan‘s Balearic jives, a Sound Control House Party across two storeys with Yellow DJs and live music from PINS et al, and a local music showcase rammed with the hottest psychedelic screams in the M postcode, from Mother to The Yossarians.

Sunday 15th starts with Carbooty mooching opportunities around the fertile artisan habitat of Islington Mill.

Then as dusk descends, Yuck, Kronos Quartet and Durutti Column’s John Metcalfe are all strumming the fine line between squawks, wails, whoops and whines in the name of attracting an audience across their various indie, jazz and folk-laden sounds.

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