The Premier League season ended with a bang yesterday – a very controlled bang with few people watching and fans going home disappointed. This week’s events preview blog invites all manner of suspect musical devices played with explosive gusto – and don’t expect anyone to head for the exits until the final whistle. Here’s what the players could listen to through their oversized cans while waiting for the Euros.

If the fanatical fervour associated with professional sports can be likened to anything, it’s a religious dedication, complete with its own book of hymns. Salford’s St Philip’s Church sees jazz organist Cory Henry leading the chants for his gospel-channeling Revival Project. Tim Hecker‘s appeal is nearer the conceptual end of electronische musik influence – less all-inclusive, more niche cult following – and Academy 2 is his Theatre of Dreams. Their scheduling sees a clash of titanic Monday night fixtures.

Fans of Detective Hathaway in the Inspector Morse spin-off series, Lewis, might recognise man behind the guitar at Deaf Institute on Tuesday 17th. Laurence Fox makes the transfer from TV to stage.

In the title of sophomore LP Welcome The Worms, LA lasses Bleached may have been referencing the grungy earworms they blast through soundsystems the world over. How true is this assumption? Find out at Gullivers.

On Wednesday 18th, flip a coin to decide which way to shoot – will it be towards SG Lewis‘ soul-fueled Lush electronic soundscapes at Soup Kitchen, or Tiny Ruins‘ intricate compositions of lingering folk lilts at Gullivers?

One of those the impress at this year’s SFTOC 2016 in the Sham Bodie gazebo was Chris Tavener, whose lyrics veer from cheeky innuendo to tawdry tales. Can he keep his strike rate up at Night & Day Cafe on Thursday 19th?

Competing for Northern Quarter prominence the same night, Flamingods‘ worldy psychedelic chants are set to see fans animated in the Soup Kitchen terraces.

Friday 20th looks like being a game of two halves, depending on your choice between lung-busting runs and parking the tour bus in front of a steady beat. For the former, The Hyena Kill‘s Deaf Institute LP launch or Mr Heart‘s Gullivers punk wig-out should keep your game at high-tempo, while Son of Dave and another album launcher, Cavan Moran, keep steady blues and folk grooves at Soup Kitchen and Whisky Jar, respectively. The extra time wildcard deflection is eccentric inventor Thomas Truax, whose line-up includes his own bike wheel-based musical constructs, playing at Eagle Inn.

When Saturday 21st comes, it throws in a handful of electronica. At the poppier end of the pitch are Porches, keeping up their shoegazing at Deaf Institute. Hit the bar at Castle Hotel in between helpings of epic sci-fi techno by Vieon, or Berlin-influenced Vorsprung Durch Techno-head Caro C launches her latest album at The Wonder Inn.

Sunday 22nd’s result are in and there are wins for George Fell, whose finger-picky acoustic boogies are celebrated on an EP he’s launching at Band on the Wall, and the shouty snotty punks Nots at Soup Kitchen.

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