Words by Sara Louise Tonge

Sweat dripping, limbs crushing, smiles cracking, voices breaking. While this may sound like the finale of an E Street Band concert, it actually is the only way to describe a Spring King gig. This is all meant positively – Band On The Wall (and every Spring King show) on 10 June teemed with an ecstasy that is difficult to emulate with words. And it’s definitely on par with an E Street Band concert.

Spring King are without a doubt Manchester’s most exciting ‘upcoming’ band. The very nature of their music – Detroit with its bouncy riff and gang vocal, Rectifier with its almost espionage-like introduction transcending into its otherworldly, chaotic chorus – breeds and facilitates a type of movement that few bands can achieve with such a small crowd. Similarly to their Deaf Institute gig in February, the tiny venue was bursting at the seams with both perspiring teenagers in Dr Martens and 40-year-olds in boot-cut jeans alike. But regardless of the demographic, not a single body in the building lay still. In fact, there were two security guards on stage ready to pounce on anyone who attempted to infiltrate it at any given moment.

The fact that it was an album launch party created such a strong sense of anticipation and delight in equal measure, as it seemingly brought together each crowd member as one huge mass. I held hands with a girl who stood on stage in a yellow top frequently, screaming in her face. I’ll never see her again. But in that very moment, I was transported to another dimension.

Spring King’s ability to create this portal is astounding. My only criticism of the show was the venue. All too often people were getting thrust against the stage, cutting off most blood circulation. July is almost upon us and my legs are still in blooming colours of yellow, green and blue.

Without a shadow of a doubt, they will conquer Manchester, conquer the indie scene, and eventually conquer the world.

The gig was at Band On The Wall on Friday 10 June, 2016.

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