Bringing Herculean riffs back to blues rock since even before their 2013 debut, Federal Charm are a sonic force to be reckoned with. Their upwards curve sees them rubbing shoulders with post-punk legends Magazine on the Wire-Sound label, a platform which most recently bore the fruit of 2015’s Across The Divide, a beefy slice of classic rock with melodic asides.

Having cut their teeth in Greater Manchester’s rock clubs and gritty toilet venues from Bakers Vaults to Antwerp Mansion, they’re now attracting bookings from further afield, as evidenced by their 17-date spring-summer tour of the UK, from Glasgow to Exeter.

Guitarist Paul Bowe answered our quickfire quiz.

What’s your favourite ever guitar solo?

Best solo ever.. Eddie Van Halen’s one take ‘Beat It’ solo. Sublime.

Which is the best venue you’ve played at in Manchester?

We are children of the Roadhouse. Loved that venue. Also big fans of the Academy 2/3. Had some great shows there.

What’s the strangest gigging experience you’ve had?

I played at a charity gig for a donkey sanctuary years ago. The only audience members I could see on the field were two donkeys tied up to a pole. They didn’t even have the common decency to look up and watch!

Stockport’s signs say it’s the home of Blossoms. How would you like to leave a mark on your hometown?

At the start we gigged extensively at the market place at the now defunct Bakers Vault. We played some great shows there. I suppose I’d like to have our name emblazoned across the viaduct. So you can see it from space.

When can we look forward to a follow-up to Across The Divide?

We are working on material presently and I feel we will be looking at a new release in spring 2017.

Federal Charm are due to headline Gullivers on Saturday 11 June as part of their spring/summer tour.
Main photo by Laurence Harvey.

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