Words by Thomas Frodsham

If you’re after a refreshing new act to spice up your playlist then check out Avec Sans and their new album, Heartbreak Hi. They’re the next big thing in synth pop. You heard it here first. I can say this with confidence as I saw them last Friday at Night and Day Cafe, where they performed tracks from their debut.

Fresh from supporting Ladyhawke on tour, Avec Sans are now touring to promote the album’s release. Singer Alice and producer Jack work like a team on stage and you can see the synchronicity in their performance. Alice reacts to the music in sporadic jolts and moves that fit perfectly with the synth pop sound. She has a talent for making her microphone lead a prop that exaggerates her erratic dance moves. Jack is like a three-man band in one. Keys, drums, synthesisers, the lot. The combination of his fuzzy, crackling synth sounds and Alice’s delicate vocals make for a great live show. Tracks like ‘Resonate’ and ‘Hold On’ were a lot more powerful live than on the recording, as was ‘Shiver’, which got the best reaction from the crowd on the night.

Their encore track, a cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’, was a real feast for the ears. Imagine Kate Bush performing with the Pet Shop Boys in 1988, only Alice and Jack played around with the depth of bass throughout, giving it the Avec Sans signature sound. Get ready to file them under ‘New Favourite Pop Duo’.

The gig took place at Night & Day Cafe on Friday 17 June, 2016.

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