Words by Thomas Frodsham

To attend a Ladyhawke gig is like stepping into a club in the mid-1980s. There’s heavy synth sounds, neon lighting and everyone is wearing vintage clothes. Well, that’s what Ladyhawke’s gig at Gorilla felt like on Monday night as she brought her Wild Things tour to Manchester.

Ladyhawke (real name Pip Brown) made a name for herself back in 2008 with the release of her self-titled debut album, which began the trend of indie music going all synth pop. Her new album, Wild Things, was released last week and takes us back to that uplifting, glorious sound which made her popular.

The show kicked off with the album’s title track, in which Ladyhawke’s voice was complemented by the abundance of powerful synth, setting the tone for the night. The set list seemed to break into two chunks, the first half featuring new tracks, the latter full of her crowd-pleasing early hits.

It was her ‘biggest audience so far’ on the tour, which made the show even more gratifying for Ladyhawke. After a week of heavy album promotion duties it looked like the hard work paid off. Even with a few technical difficulties where it appeared Pip couldn’t hear herself, she soldiered on like a trooper.

Tracks from the new album, like ‘Golden Girl’ and ‘The River’, were even more of a treat live. But it’s no surprise to say that the biggest crowd-pleasers were tracks from her debut, like ‘Back Of The Van’ and ‘Paris Is Burning’. Nothing could come close to the eruption of love from the crowd to the night’s finale, ‘My Delirium’, which would have made the gig worth attendance purely for that performance alone. The high energy of the song flooded over the crowd and ended the night on a synth pop high, well and truly establishing Ladyhawke back in our lives.

The gig took place at Gorilla on Monday 13 June, 2016.

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