Hulme has justifiably been known as one of Manchester’s more creative suburbs, housing the original Factory club night and acting as a hub for many a countercultural movement.

Its next creative venture could be ceramics, led by the new Clay Studio on Old Birley Street. The not-for-profit community venue launches on Friday 22 July with an evening event from 6-9pm, and promises a programme of courses and one-off workshops aimed at all standards of craftspeople, as well as regular memberships. Clay modelling¬†is said to¬†benefit health by enhancing focus, reducing stress and exercising hands and wrists, and that’s before mentioning the sociability aspects.

Their three kilns, five potters’ wheels and well-stocked workshop of tools, glazes, will be ideal for anyone looking to improve the steadiness of their hands under the guidance of dextrous teachers.

Using the same material as the former Royce pub’s mural tribute to the first Rolls-Royce workshop, it also means an aspect of Hulme’s history lives on in a refreshed and renewed guise.

Clay Studio Hulme BagThing


Clay Studio opens on Friday 22 July, 2016, with an event from 6-9pm.

61 Old Birley Street

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