Think your canine comrade ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog? We could have found the solution.

Bridging the previously cavernous gaps between music, science and household pets, the Relax My Dog musical enterprise aims to create tracks to lull your Super Furry Animal into a slumber. Whether medically diagnosed with animal anxiety or just struggling with a change of home or owner, the songs have been specially written with per relaxation in mind, which in turn can help owners to get on with your day.

Dogs, of course, are already the stars of YouTube, but it’s about time the video platform had another purpose beyond watching clips of the little mutts rolling down adverse cambers on skateboards.

So next time your Stereo Labrador needs to chill out, your Jarvis Cocker Spaniel won’t sit still or your Manchester Terrier’s being a right little terror, tune in for some dulcet tones.


All their music can be found here

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