Words by Beth Madden.

It seemed as though the audience had been waiting for the smallest excuse to “levitate, up, up” as Don Broco hurled into the opening salvo of ‘Superlove’. They certainly didn’t take much encouragement. Within minutes of the stage lights coming on, the room was already pulsating with energy. It was immediately obvious that for the next hour, Don Broco were going to be in control. Their power was proven even before the second song was over, by commanding their crowd down into a crouching position on the floor, presumably in order to “levitate” even higher come chorus time.

When frontman Rob Damiani asks “Who was here last night?” [this being the second night of two Manchester dates] the majority of the room seems to roar, making it hard to tell whether this audience is very loyal or just very excited.

The gig has all the sense of a band who are about to be discovered, but haven’t made it big quite yet. And, having recently signed a record deal with SharpTone back in June, that might just be the case. After eight years playing together, Don Broco have had plenty of practise on stage and it’s evident in the vivaciousness of their performance. Rarely was there a moment of still air, whether filled with sweat, voices or movement.

After previously supporting acts as diverse as Enter Shikari and Deaf Havana to the more recent Five Seconds of Summer, as well as having a sound that is difficult to pin down, it does seem as though they’re not yet sure of their musical identity. No doubt, though, whichever direction they do decide on, they’ll have their loyal following right behind them.


The gig took place at Gorilla on Monday 25 July, 2016.

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