Words by Beth Madden.

Frontman Frederick Macpherson arrives onto stage in an outfit reminiscent of a high school prom, leading to what feels like a missed opportunity during the ‘Chevy Thunder’ lyric: “Give me a minute while I fix my tie”. It’s not long, however, before the sleeves are rolled up and the tie is gone altogether, as the geek outfit slowly slides off and the room heats up.

Spector thoroughly encourage their audience to Enjoy It While It Lasts (also the name of their 2012 debut album), and they aren’t ignored, with barely two minutes passing by without a bellowed quip or another body going up in the crowd. No less than four excitable fans manage to spring up jack-in-the-box style on stage throughout the gig, much to the delight of Macpherson and bassist Thomas Shickle, both of whom proceed to dance with the space invaders before they are hurled back into the sea of bodies.

The quality didn’t relent throughout the 90-minute set, nor did the mutual affinity between band and fan. Playing the album in full for what we are told is the first time, they are clearly having as much fun on stage as the audience are down below, frequently swooping down to grab a phone or disposable camera before stopping for a selfie or two.

There is no barrier between this band and their fans, in every sense of the word. By the time they have reached their final song, ‘All The Sad Young Men’, the room is brimming with euphoria, as Macpherson dives off the stage to be engulfed by the ravenous crowd. Spector know not only how to harvest a fun and vibrant environment, but also wield the skill of making you a part of it.


Spector played their Enjoy It While It Lasts album in full at Deaf Institute on Tuesday 26 July, 2016.

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