The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) is set to host a talk by the frontline war photographer Mushtaq Abbas, whose work documenting conflict in his native Iraq has been seen across the globe.

Abbas is able to offer insights into his firsthand view of many daily developments in dangerous, war-torn areas, and finds himself away from the frontline due to being forced to leave Iraq after 13 years working for the international news agency, Reuters.

A victim of circumstance, Abbas’s role at Reuters was conflated with another news story printed around the world in April 2015, which was deemed unfavourable by the Shia officials in Karbala. Despite having not been directly involved in producing the story, he and his family were threatened by the authorities.

In September 2015, Abbas was able to claim asylum in the UK and currently lives in Bury, seeking work while trying to ensure his family will be able to follow him to the area.


The talk by Mushtaq Abbas takes place at CFCCA on Tuesday 13 September, 2016, from 6.30pm-8pm.

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art
Market Buildings
13 Thomas Street
M4 1EU

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