Each week we see a breadth of musicianship from hip young riff slingers to yesterday’s news clinging onto former glories. One example of the latter is Spencer Eldon, who’s back in the news not for his musical resurrection, but for recreating his seminal role in the Nevermind album cover, a party trick he’s done a few times before, much like the tribute bands who line Manchester’s stages on a regular basis. This week, see Noasis, Foo 5ighters and Endorphinmachine for examples of reliving someone else’s life, or read on for artists performing original work across the city this week.

Keep your eyes peeled on Monday 26th for The Invisible, whose Soup Kitchen show will showcase their electronic jazz crossovers.

Chelou is due to dust off his guitar in time for a Castle Hotel gig on Tuesday 27th. The line-up, including Cavan Moran and Young War in support, is ready-made for fans of Bibio’s bucolic bristlers.

Wednesday 28th sees a trio of swirling soundscapists on Mancunian landscapes. Moderat‘s glitchy electronica takes prime billing to fill Albert Hall’s ornate corners, while Dead Meadow opts for guitars and an array of effects pedals at Soup Kitchen. Finally, a trip to Deaf Institute would breathe Black Queen‘s ambient spores through your consciousness.

A rare show for Merzbow (FAC251) emanates the type of testing tones of audio meltdown that probably doesn’t attract too many direct tribute acts, but you can see the real thing on Thursday 29th. It’s an evening also playing host to a couple of newbies on the indie spectrum: The Goon Sax at Eagle Inn and Cardiff’s Estrons at Gullivers.

Manchester’s music scene throws up a couple of parting gifts on the same evening to conclude the month. Friday 30th sees a pair of shows acting both as album launches and fond farewells, as Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six kick out their uncategorisable jazz/blues/folk/whatever-takes-their-fancy jams at Ruby Lounge and hip hop thinkers The Natural Curriculum cut their sci-fi wordplay at Whiskey Jar.

More than a couple of tour buses are pulling inside the M60 that evening, with the unremittingly catchy Ultimate Painting diverting to Deaf Institute and West coast US psych-rock overlords The Warlocks bringing the noise to Band on the Wall.

Looking to October, Saturday 1st is the day of the tributes, as mentioned in the intro, while fans of original music may appreciate The Lucid Dream‘s scuzzy fuzz boxes at Night & Day Cafe, or sepia-clad shoegazing at Soup Kitchen with Broncho.

There’s more mail in the pensive alt-rock wig-out pigeonhole on Sunday 2nd. South coast strummers Black Honey rip it up at Deaf Institute, while Mike Watt and Il Sogno Del Marinaio add some math-rock and subtract the shoutiness at Ruby Lounge.


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