Review // DZ Deathrays & Dune Rats @ Soup Kitchen

Words and photos by Wes Foster.

Playing first of the two headliners were Dune Rats. They could hardly be called a regular warm-up support though – their entire set was an anarchic, relentless affair that had the entire crowd going.

They’re slightly more laidback in their sound than DZ Deathrays, with more than a hint of surf or stoner punk thrown in there for good measure. Compared to their live set, their album is a little tame. With the live set prompting many a crowd surfer, even in the tight, intimate capacity of Soup Kitchen, a varied crowd were all pulled into an absolutely electric and ridiculously energetic atmosphere by only a three-piece. The only bystanders were DZ Deathrays fans who were hanging back a little.

It felt in the break like DZ Deathrays were going to have to really pull something out of the bag to reiterate their gig-closing credentials, but they certainly did. They don’t have the all-out romp of Dune Rats, though they are slightly older and have that more refined quality about them. They aren’t just heavier. This extra refinement adds another level to their gigs and, rather than just being exciting, it’s something incredibly well written and put together. The tracks manage to be both complex and simple at the same time through their heft, whilst still cramming excitement galore.

Though it was their last date in England, if you get a chance to catch them anywhere, make sure you do – no one does adrenaline-fuelled gigs quite like they do.


The Dune Rats and DZ Deathrays dual headlining show was at Soup Kitchen on Tuesday 25 October, 2016.

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