Dub reggae boogie band Fat Freddy’s Drop are set to blow the roof off Victoria Warehouse, confirming their first show in Manchester for four years. The show is part of a special two-date stay in the UK, with the other taking place at London’s Alexandra Palace.

Whipping audiences into a frenzy since 1999, the New Zealand septet’s origins as a jam band have lent unrelentingly upbeat vibes to their genre mash-ups, catching the eyes and ears of feel-good festivals such as Boomtown. Freddy’s fusion of shoulder jutting jazzy breaks with hip-shakingly hypnotic horns has fuelled dancefloors from Hong Kong to Cape Town, and their knack for persistently mind-expanding rhythms has seen their fan base swell across the globe.

The Victoria Warehouse show gives them an opportunity to showcase 2015’s Bays record for the first time in Manchester, adding to a repertoire already brimming with the funk needed to beckon summer into the city on Friday 2 June, 2017.

Formerly the location for thousands of Warehouse Project revellers, Victoria Warehouse has since crafted its own identity, hosting mammoth shows featuring world renowned names from EDM star Steve Aoki to Jesus and Mary Chain and Brian Jonestown Massacre at the psych-rock Cosmosis Festival.


Fat Freddy’s Drop will headline Victoria Warehouse on Friday 2 June, 2017. Tickets are now available here.

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