Review // And Yet It Moves @ Night & Day Cafe

Words & photos by Wes Foster.

Searing guitar is the trademark of Dale Barclay, that pitch perfect sharpness that he uses to create one of the most intense and unavoidable sounds around. And Yet It Moves marks a slight departure from this style, though it definitely has its moments. Barclay instead steps back to create something more compositional and, above all, more challenging. Much of the time, there would be a trade-off between challenging and entertaining, often one or the other, sometimes balanced to different degrees. Not here though. Here, the absolute raw ability carries through to something that is incredibly heavy, incredibly in your face and, unlike most things around at the minute, finds a way to balance the lightness and heaviness of their sound.

The main supporting band, Yossarians, also deserve a mention. Their exciting and imaginative interpretation of rock music was impenetrable yet inviting and managed to blend a set of different styles to perfection.

And Yet It Moves began, as they usually do, with their twelve-minute ‘track’, ‘No Way Back To Lunch’, something that is more of a continuum of related tracks coming together to form one story. The absolute amount of noise that the band produce is pretty much unrivalled for the venues they are playing and they do it exceptionally well, managing to balance their instruments to create a torrent of information as a wall of sound, impossible to get around, and impossible to not be riveted by.


And Yet It Moves played at Night & Day Café on Saturday 19 November, 2016.

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