Words by Wes Foster.

Seeming to have come from nowhere, HMLTD (restyled from Happy Meal LTD, which was considered too close to another modern indie band) are one of the most exciting bands around right now, and the two tracks that can currently be found online (outside of live recordings) attest to that, with their refreshingly dissociated style, easily finding a way to build and drop within the tracks.

This almost seems like proto-punk, a new form that is both disgusting in content whilst also being somewhat refined. It has tangible edges and shape to it, and although the anger is raw it also seems contained and stylised.

‘Stained’, their latest single, has all the hard hitting punk DIY attitude of any good punk track, attacking everything and using an incredibly vibrant sound to do it. The best part of their writing comes from the nuances in their sound, something that can especially be seen in ‘Is This What You Wanted?’ and the more refined alternative electronic sound.

They’re a hard band to pin down, with such a range of sounds in their compositions. Something truly exciting, and something truly different.


HMLTD play at Castle Hotel on Sunday 27 November, 2016. Tickets are available here.

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