We wake up this Monday morning to the news that Google’s latest personal online footprint intrusion is offering to select personalised playlists based on your perceived mood, location, search history and the weather outside. Using this big data, the multinational media node will wrap its tentacles around your ears, suck out your inner psyche and replace it with their despotic, friendly coloured search engine, making us all robots under their sonic spells. Or maybe it’ll just be an exaggerated, big data version of ‘if you like xyz, then you’ll like abc’. Here at the Internet of (Bag)Things, we don’t have a clue what you’ve previously listened to or which websites you favour, but we do have a keen eye training on who you should consider for your ear fillers this week.

The forecasted playlist for Monday 14th is illuminated by the supermoon. In the moonlight we can see this trio of gigs: inhale Ben Caplan and his Casual Smokers‘ gruff-voiced bluesy fumes at Deaf Institute; experimental crew Traffic are congesting Whiskey Jar with electronica by the likes of MichaelBrailey; and Academy 2 will be populated by Frankie Boyle, Francesca Martinez and their comic chums as they Stand Up For The People’s Assembly.

Rather than a big hilly area in Wales, Black Mountain are in fact a Canadian psych-rock gang whose return to form with their 2016 album, IV, ends a six-year wait for new material. They’ll be beating their chests at Gorilla, while avant-gardian of the alt-folk world, Julia Holter, adorns the ornate decor of Manchester Cathedral with Piccadilly Records endorsed tones. Get ’em both on your life playlist.

Caravan Palace‘s inventively titled third album, <|°_°|>, is watching you intently, hoping to make your Manchester Academy playlist on Wednesday 16th. Born again disc jockey Steve Davis chalks up another eclectic prog and IDM experience for listeners by calling in at Chorlton’s Electrik bar’s One Deck Wednesday.

There’s only one name on Thursday 17th’s playlist: that of ethereal alt-folky BC Camplight, who’ll share his songs at Ruby Lounge.

A branch of acoustic folk more aligned with Americana, Robert Ellis provides an ample way to end the working week at the Castle Hotel. Or for those looking to let their hair down and swing it all around, there’s a two-headed alt-rock monster ready to be unleashed at Soup Kitchen: local newcomers False Advertising and Horsebeach are paired for a nightlong playlist.

The Pop Group‘s influence on playlistening habits extends back to punk era Bristol when they helped to set the post-punk compass in the direction of undeniable melodies. Those vibes are revisted at Deaf Institute on Saturday 19th.

Steve Gunn‘s internet history would reveal his collection of killer riffs, ripping through bluesy guitar as his amps growl and purr, this Sunday 20th at Gullivers. Similarly minded in reliving the blues but more inclined to bear their teeth, Wolf People‘s resulting big psych rock sound is set to fill the Deaf Institutes lobes the same night.

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