Saxophonist David McLean and film noir writer Phil Carney are pairing up for a 10-day residency culminating in a special live soundtracking performance on Saturday 14 January, 2017.

Responding to adaptations of Carney’s short stories, the pair will be spending the start of the year composing and conducting music for an 18-piece live band comprising Greater Manchester’s finest soundsmiths, with members of Mother, Water and Lake of Snakes all signed up. The final show will see their vision of Film Noir Theatre brought to life.

Improvisation expert McLean is known for his avant-everything musicianship and runs the local label Tombed Visions as a vehicle for more than 30 albums by artists shining in the UK DIY scene. He’s teaming up with Carney, who founded The Bullet-Proof Press as an outlet for his pulp crime writing, and the pair will produce an original piece pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

The set the scene, Carney’s collages will be exhibition at the event’s venue, Salford arts hive Islington Mill, before an audience can enjoy the fruits of their creative endeavours.

Their supporting cast includes a who’s who of Greater Manchester creatives, while theatrical performers include Gareth Smith (Stranger Son) and Mother’s Ali Bell.

The event is a collaboration between the twin promotional towers of groundbreaking creative performance, Fat Out and Samarbeta, whose past innovations have brought one-offs and residencies by the likes of Lydia Lunch, Ex-Easter Island Head and Sam Weaver to Salford.


Crime Scene takes place at Islington Mill from 7pm on Saturday 14 January, 2017.

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