Words by Wes Foster.

As do it yourself post punk is making a comeback in a reified Conservative Britain, Cabbage are quickly becoming Manchester’s finest – a proudly political voice, and they stay somewhat in the underground. Luckily punk, or post punk, whichever you find they seem to sit easier as, has never relied on the recording as a way of distribution, with the live gig always being the primary mode of discovering and falling in love with these bands. Cabbage are not ones to disappoint this legacy with their gig at Gorilla selling out, and it was by no means a disappointing gig. With their debut album, ‘Young, Dumb and Full Of….’ only just being released last month, it’s impressive to already be selling venues out, but they’re a band that Manchester has taken to heart, because of their politics but also their acerbic wit.

Their primitivism when it comes to songwriting, through not primitive lyricisms, translates well to the live stage, making their music instantaneously accessible whilst their lyrics can articulate much more. Their down to earth punk style means though they can’t speak for the working class, they are certainly expressing some of the dissatisfaction felt, and it’s nice to see that from a Northern band. Drenched in sweat, the gig is an exhilarating moment in what feels like a new step in Manchester’s musical history and the more bands that strive to be aware currently, the better.


Cabbage played at Gorilla on Saturday 11th February, 2017.

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