A musician who needs no introduction, but we’re going to give him one anyway. Few can claim to have such a far-reaching influence on music as German musician and composer Michael Rother. With NEU! and Harmonia, he was part of the 70s revolution of German music we’ve come to know as Krautrock, captivating audiences alongside seminal acts such as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and Cluster. Now regularly touring with Neu!, Harmonia and solo material, Rother will be electrifying Sound Control next month.

Rother’s beginnings go back to the original line-up of electronic pioneers Kraftwerk, back when Ralf and Florian looked more ruffian than robot. Upon leaving Kraftwerk with drummer Klaus Dinger, he went on to form Neu!, picking up on the early sound of Kraftwerk driven by motor drums, repetitive bass and psychedelic guitars. Their eponymous first album is widely cited as an influence from artists such as David Bowie, Devo, Sonic Youth, Radiohead, Autechre and Iggy Pop. With Harmonia (considered by David Bowie to be one of the era’s most important and influential bands) he began to showcase the ambient side of his musical ideas, most notably on Tracks And Traces, joined in the studio by Brian Eno.

2010 saw Rother team up with Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley and Tall Firs guitarist Aaron Mullan to form Hallogallo 2010, a live act presenting Rother’s work from the 70s up to the present day. Now performing regularly, most recently with German band Camera, Rother’s music continues to reach new, enthusiastic ears.


Michael Rother plays at Sound Control on Wednesday 26th April, 2017. Tickets are available here.

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