The intimate stage over at the Night & Day Café is no stranger to hosting folk and country acts, especially our immensely talented local singer-songwriters taking their first steps on the live circuit. Exciting news then, that over the next few months Night & Day will be hosting some of the best names in contemporary folk, country and blues from across the Atlantic. Here, we’re looking ahead to the pick of those acts and the dates you’ll want in your diary.

American Aquarium // Tuesday 21st March

Hailing from North Carolina, American Aquarium are a prolific touring outfit. The prolific touring outfit to be exact, as it’s not uncommon for them to ply their trade over 250 nights a year, a feat which saw them named 2014’s most active band by Bands In Town. Fronted by BJ Barham, their debut release Antique Hearts came back in 2006, since followed by another eight LPs. The alt-country rockers are also proof of the power and sustainability of crowd-funding, as their loyal fanbase provided over $20,000 for the production of 2015’s Wolves.

Samantha Crain // Thursday 30th March

Heartfelt ballad specialist, Samantha Crain now has five LPs and two EPs under her belt. She’ll be in Manchester supporting her latest, You Had Me At Goodbye. For the Oklahoma singer-songwriter, it’s a step towards the poppier end of the folk spectrum, employing a variety of samples and electronics, a welcome addition that was unseen in her her previous work. Read our full preview here.

Andrew Combs // Tuesday 2nd May

Texan balladeer Andrew Combs crafts songs full of charm, wit and humanity. Now a resident of Nashville, the introspective storyteller has found praise for his fine songwriting, glazed by a silky-rough voice that sculpts subtle imagery. His appearance at Night & Day supports his latest release, Canyons Of My Mind.

Matt Andersen // Wednesday 24th May

Canadian singer-songwriter Matt Andersen possesses a loyal following, rightfully down to his varied enthusiastic performances and soulful voice. Last year saw the release of Honest Man, an assured record full of polished arrangements, upbeat folk tunes and catchy blues. His stripped back solo performances, bellowing out song after song from behind acoustic guitar, are where Andersen’s songs really stand apart from the crowd.

Mo Pitney // Sunday 3rd September

Possessing a voice that wouldn’t sound out of place alongside Hank Williams and a look more in keeping with your local gritty indie band, Mo Pitney has carved out a particular place in modern country. His debut release Behind This Guitar demonstrates a traditional country signature with definition through the mind and morals of a God-fearing twenty-something man. His appearance at Night & Day is a rare chance to catch this future star live.


For more details, see the Night & Day Café’s website.


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