New York’s indie-pop troupe The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart is essentially the product of frontman Kip Berman, writer of their songs and later entrusting them to his friends in the live and studio environment. The shoegazing Berman & Co. has announced a new tour of the UK with a date at The Night & Day Café, before heading back to the familiar soil of New York for two more shows. A sign of new work in the pipeline, perhaps?

Fronted by Berman, they/he came to the public’s attention in 2009 with an eponymous debut album, built from a collection of energetic songs refined on stage and lo-fi efforts recorded in bedrooms. A blend of indie, noise pop and shoegaze along with clever lyricism soon sent the band from underground outsiders to indie favourites, now with three LPs and five EPs to their name. Though a dedicated touring act, their last visit to Manchester came back in the summer of 2014, so expect a sell out crowd at the Night & Day this May 25th.

Their last release came in the form of 2015 EP ‘Hell’, complete with a thumping cover of Laid by Manchester’s James. A year previous before that came ‘Days Of Abandon‘, their most recent album, though fans will be hoping that these shows are a signal of new music on the horizon.


The Pains of Being Pure At Heart perform at the Night & Day Café on Thursday 25th May 2017. Tickets are available here.

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