Following a four-year hiatus from music, rapper and political activist Lowkey is returning to Manchester this autumn at The Ritz, having performed a sold out show at Gorilla nine months ago. Known for controversial and raw lyricism on life issues and political affairs, the conscious rapper came to prominence on the British hip-hop scene entirely independently, never signing with a record label. Beginning with a series of mixtapes released in 2003, the MC quickly built a name for himself in hip-hop circles before releasing debut LP ‘Dear Listener’ in 2008.

Since his comeback last year, Lowkey has released powerful singles ‘Ahmed’, tackling the refugee crisis and denouncing the death of innocent people who drown trying to escape the war destroying their homeland, along with addressing racism and police brutality in ‘Children of Diaspora’. Though savage, Lowkey’s work is firm call for greater humanity in our collective reactions to these issues, and can be best witnessed on stage this September at his biggest show in Manchester yet.


Lowkey performs at The O2 Ritz on 7th September 2017. Tickets are on sale here.

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