“In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. In this Game of Thrones Quiz you win or you lose out on some pretty sweet prizes!”

After a sellout Game of Thrones season 7 premiere screening, Pilot Light are back with another GOT quiz and big screen showing to celebrate the biggest TV event of the year… the Game of Thrones finale! Join the Deaf Institute for another quiz that will recap Season 7 so far, test your knowledge of Westeros and really separate the Maesters from the Wildlings, all for some great Game of Thrones themed prizes! Will you be as sharp as a Stark or as dense as Hodor..?

If that doesn’t sound good enough, there will also be a free big screen showing of the Season 7 finale which will be airing that day. Tune into Pilot Light TV Fest’s communal TV experience as they turn Deaf Institute into your living room, watching the climatic finale to the most talked about show on television.

Unleash your inner Lannister, and join Pilot Light at Deaf for an evening of ‘Thrones themed quizzing, prizes, drinks and “collective gasps” as we hopefully get a glimpse of who may finally win the Game of Thrones…


Pilot Light’s Game Of Thrones Quiz & Screening takes place on Monday 28th August. Tickets are available here.

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