It’s always felt as if Lambchop have never reached a ‘peak’, but have rather remained incredibly consistent in their display excellent songwriting and originality throughout a three-decade career. With roots back to the late eighties, Lambchop is essentially a collective of musicians centred around frontman Kurt Wagner, usually slapped with the tag “alt-country” due to the trouble of accurately describing them. They arrive at Gorilla supporting last year’s ‘FLOTUS‘, an LP of reinvention which saw them embrace RnB electronica, sampling and vocoders.

Before the Nashville group took the stage, we’re treated to Roxanne de Bastion, a thoughtful singer-songwriter, whose best work of the evening came behind a grand piano, singing to a genuinely attentive audience. Following their recent shift towards electronica, Lambchop greeted us with a different set-up than we may have expected. Now on tour as a three-piece, Wagner spent the evening with laptop, along with a box of electronics perched on a battered old suitcase, occasionally picking up his trusty guitar for occasional subtle strumming. Their quiet energy is a slow burner at first, but soon settles with lush arrangements.

Kurt sang through vocoder throughout the performance, backed with RnB inspired beats, working his way through a set of mostly new tracks. Fans favourites from ‘Mr. M‘, ‘Gone Tomorrow’ and ‘2B2’ were treated to gorgeous new arrangements. Though we did hear a few comments of disapproval of their current sound, most were much more welcoming. “Genius, fucking genius” was one such approval, received to a round of applause.


Lambchop performed at Gorilla on Friday 11th August, 2017.

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